XP Performance Issues

Working with a netbook with 1Gh Processor and 1 Gb memory Only some supportive software such as adobe reader, flash AVG anti virus, malware, etc. The hard drive is 60% free and regularly maintained with diskclean and defrag

I find the drive light is on or rapidly flashing much more than normal and I find a significant amount of latency with the keyboard and mouse. Want to use the tools to determine precisely what is occupying the harddrive

Using services.msc to stop such as smartcard, themes, and zune services

Screenshots of activity are posted to Windows live screenshots at https://cid-63220807a7f4accb.photos.live.com/browse.aspx/XP%20Performance?nl=1&uc=1

Looking for specific guidance on how to identify and reduce disk contention
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  1. Right click task bar,select task manager, tab to processes, click cpu twice.
    it should now display in order from most cpu to least cpu. which process is using the most CPU.
  2. Greetings and much thanks for your reply. I am surprised to report the following:

    - mmc.exe
    - wuaudit.exe
    - zunebusenum.exe

    Since I've not seen these as the top three as the leaders ever. For completeness the next three were:


    Additionally, know that only 50% of the memory is being used most of the time and the processor ranges between 20% - 50%

    I find that the latency is something I've not seen in any machine of mine. antivirus, spyware, etc and their updates are done twice per day. Appreciative of your knowledge and support as I await your reply
  3. AVG is still a bit on the heavy side of antivirus... not as bad as Norton or McAffee, mind you, but still not the lightest available either. For netbooks, I've read good things about Panda Cloud Antivirus... of which there is also a free version available.
  4. Until windows update finishes (wuaudit) it will be slow.
  5. I am glad that you are getting help but, why is a question about Windows XP in the Windows Vista section?
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