third hard drive doesnt show up in xp

I have just setup my new computer and just configured a raid0 (sata) with 2 500gb hard drives. I finished installing xp and wanted to copy some of my files over from my old 250gb hard drive (ide), so I hooked it up (trying both slave and master) but xp (with raid) will not recognize it in my computer or in device manager. Also I had to wipe out grub from the 250gb but it was successful. Any suggestions?
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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions? also I changed the raid controller in the bios back to ide and was able to boot the 250gb drive into windows but it was really slow and for some reason my usb ports wouldn't work so thats as far a I got.
  2. What mobo have you got, cause i know some (ASUS P5B) need the controller for IDE on the correct setting.

    When booting off the 250gb into windows im suprised it worked at all... different sys components can cause driver issues, so i would say thats why its running slow and your usb ports dont work.
  3. my motherboard is a msi p965 platinum
  4. thanks for the replies turn out it was the 1 driver I forgot to install
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