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Last response: in Graphics Cards
July 26, 2007 2:46:20 AM

I need help. I couldn't find VGA charts that included sli. I had 2 7900gt in sli that needed RMA because of tearing/overheating. I need to know what to ask these guys in my RMA so that I dont get screwed =/.

I just got this message back from them.

Your recent returns ref: XXXXXX has recently completed the testing process with the following status: {XXXXXX = FAULTY}. A technician will be in contact shortly to discuss completion of this returns. If you have any queries regarding this test result - please send a message to the support team. Thank You. XFX Support Team

[07/25/2007] We no longer have your video card in stock and in an effort to provide the best possible customer service we are letting you decide on your replacement. You have the option to have it replaced with an 8600GTS 256MB at no charge. Your other option is a paid upgrade, for $150.00 you can upgrade to the 8800GTS 320MB version. You can let us know in your email or if you wish to pay for the upgrade then include the best phone number and time to contact you .

(They are talking about 1 card in these messages)

I think these guys are trying to screw me. I bought both of the 7900gt a year ago and paid $250 each. Help me out, what should I tell these guys? Thanks.

Edit: This is the RMA for 1 of the 2 cards, they had to do seperate tickets for each card, but i got the same responce for each.

Edit 7/26:

I Asked them about the performance of the 8600gt and my concers with that as a replacement. This is how they replied.

[07/26/2007] Hello Alex. I can assure you that the performance on the 86GTS is superior to the 79GT with the newest drivers. Tom has not done a new review with the new drivers that increased performance considerably. I will forward this to the RMA department.

Is this true? Are their charts using the latest drivers? or are these guys just feeding me hype? Thanks for the help.

Edit: Looking at the VGA charts the 8800gts 640MB comes close to the 7900gt in SLi (1 8800gts vs 2 7900gt in sli)

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a c 131 U Graphics card
July 26, 2007 8:15:17 AM

You should obviously point out to them that you sent two cards and not one.
We discussed rma before when there was speculation that the 8800gts 640 was going to be discontinued and most people thought that if a 640 was then rmaed to them they would have to send a 8800gtx instead.
This is going on the theory that they cant send an inferior product to you.
So in your position i would piont out that the 8600 isnt in the same performance catagory as the 7900gt. they may be doing it by price bracketing, but you want equivelant or better performance.
Thats my take on it any way,dont see why they havent offered 7950s instead unless they are out of stock as well.
Google the 8800 reviews sometimes they include sli older cards if its similar then get a 8800 but dont pay for it.
a c 368 U Graphics card
July 26, 2007 10:03:37 AM

Here is your chart.

A little more in detail...

You need to review their return policy to determine if there is anything specifically stating limitations on returns for SLI systems. Since you purchased these cards with the explicit intent of using them in Tandem and the fact that using dissimilar cards in SLI is not possible, you may be able to argue the point that one non-functioning card makes both cards ineffective. Given the charts provided above, it's clear that the 8600GTS is not a reasonable substitute (even if they were to replace both cards). I think your best option would be to push for a refund in the amount of the cost of the card and go to a competing manufacturer for a replacement 7900GT.

-Wolf sends
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July 26, 2007 7:28:00 PM

Updated, thanks for the help thus far!
a c 368 U Graphics card
July 27, 2007 12:50:55 PM

At this point, I'd probably contact a moderator of this forum and ask if they know (or know how to contact someone who knows) just how often the VGA charts are updated. They state it's updated on a regular basis, but that could mean weekly, monthly, annually, etc... I would also ask what version of drivers were used in the currently listed charts. Provide them with links to this thread as well as to the VGA chart.

At this point, your best weapons are patience and information. Get what you can from Tom's (and any other source you can find). Maybe someone else out there can provide you with other links to performance comparisons. Gather as much information as you can and continue to work, politely, with the card's manufacturer.

-Wolf sends - GPUReview comparison
a b U Graphics card
July 27, 2007 1:28:46 PM

I looked at the single GPU charts, and the 8600GTS still gets destroyed in all I saw except Oblivion by the 7900GT. I really doubt that the drivers helped single card performance, however they may have helped SLI performance. It appears to me to be a downgrade (although you do get DX10 compatibility (note, compatibility, I doubt it will be able to actually run and at good FPS :lol: ).

That said, I doubt there is much you can do. They think they are being fair by giving you the equivalent price GPU, not performance. The other choice, the 8800GTS 320 IS an upgrade that you sould have to pay for, but maybe you can argue them down a few bucks.
a b U Graphics card
July 27, 2007 1:47:46 PM

Well, remember you have used your 7900's for a year.....
An 8600 is not an equal performance replacement. Tell them you simply don't want something they are still working the bugs out of.
I'd go the 8800gts definetly, but as EXT64 said, try to bargain with them for less money.
July 27, 2007 2:24:11 PM

This is a tough issue to deal with. Under no circumstances should they be offering you a 1-for-1 replacement involving cards that are slower than your 7900 GTs. There's just no way around that. It's not your fault they sold you bad cards... and it sure as hell ain't your fault they don't stock the 7900 GTs now. You bought those cards with a warranty and they have to honor it.

Unfortunately for you, I don't believe Nvidia has a current generation card that equals your 7900 GT in performance. The 8600 GTS isn't far off, but if you accepted that you'd be coming up on the short end of that deal. If they just handed you a pair of 8800 GTS 320's you'd be making out like a bandit. Perhaps a single card solution (8800 GTS 640 MB) would be an acceptable replacement. I think you're doing the right thing by looking at the VGA charts to find a comparable video setup. You definitely need to speak to a manager with the company... the fact that you're RMA's two SLI'd cards definitely complicates the matter.
July 28, 2007 2:40:05 AM

I have given it some thought and talked to the nice people of xfx.

The 7900gt is a great card for todays games. They told me today that they do have some in stock now and can replace them for free.

The 8800gts is a great card for tomorrows games ( more importantly a certain game in September). And I can get both for $250 as an upgrade.

This is how i am looking at it. I paid $500 for 2 7900gt a year ago and got alot of great use. If I get the upgrade then I would have paid $375 for each card.

Here is what I get for $375 a card.
-for 1 year I have one of the best cards on the market in sli
-for 1 year I got to play BF2, BF2142, Oblivion, Supreme Commander, company of heroes, and prey the way they were meant to be played.
-after this year I get a new card that can play tomorrows games and it also has xfx's double lifetime warranty.
-I can now play CRYSIS IN LARGE RESOLUTIONS WITH DX10!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-for $375 a pop I get a card that is top of the line for 2+ years.
-did I mention crysis?
a b U Graphics card
July 28, 2007 2:20:04 PM

For $250 I would definately go for it. Dual 8800GTS will run any current game great and should be able to run DX10 OK if they write it correctly (Unlike these current pitiful patched games).
a c 368 U Graphics card
July 28, 2007 3:08:44 PM

Just make sure you have room in your case for two double-wide graphics cards. If there were any cards installed between the two PCI-Ex16 slots, can you move them to other PCI/PCI-E slots?

A quick check at Newegg shows the XFX 8800GTS-320 at $310 (w/$30 MIR). You're getting two at less than the cost of one. Or you could look at it this way. A $250 upgrade now (and you're ready for Crysis) or a $600 upgrade when Crysis is released.

Yeah, I'd jump.

-Wolf sends