Getting Proper Temperature Readings on Core 2 Duo?

Ok, now I'm getting frustrated. How can I tell the appropriate Core 2 Duo temperature for my E6850?

Core Temp 0.95 (where do I get version 0.95.2?) shows about 55C @ load with Orthos with Tjunction = 85C with CPU @ 3.5GHz, 1.4v. At idle it shows about 25C with ambient @ 22C. Is this even possible?

If I let the system idle in BIOS it shows about 35C CPU temp, which is about a 10C higher offset from what is shown in CoreTemp and/or SpeedFan. Which is right?

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  1. if you have speedstep enabled then yeah, i guess its ok to have that big of a difference between load and idle. core temp is usually accurate and i trust that, so of course i'll tell you to listen to that. also if you have a stock heatsink then yeah, 55C is normal.
  2. Thanks. I see some jpgs in these newsgroups with CoreTemp 0.95.2. Know where I can get it? My CoreTemp shows 85C Tjunction. Is this correct? Or should it be 100C?

    It just seems like temps are a little bit low. If I put a temp probe in the case near the HSF, it shows temps near what coretemp shows. I guess that's why I was wondering if that's possible. It seems that the CPU temps should be more than air coming into the case, or at least the air near the HSF.
  3. Check out this thread; addresses many questions around temp readings
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