SATA cable confusion

I just ordered all the parts for my new rig. I have one question about the SATA cables for my drives.

Here's the MOBO I ordered, I see in one of the pictures that it comes with two sata cables and one power cable

hard drive that I ordered, which is OEM:

cd drive, which is also OEM:

Could you guys take a look and see if I need to order any other cables? I don't want to be stuck not being able to put my new computer together because I'm missing a single cable. Thanks
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  1. looks good, you've got two sata cables and two sata devices. the power cable provided is probably an adapter from regular 4-pin moles to sata power, your power supply will have additional power cables.

  2. The mobo pic shows two pairs of SATA cables. Looks like you're good to go.
  3. Yep, you get 4 sata cables so you're good to go. Here's a couple of pretty pictures of what you can expect to find in the box, Google was invented for questions like this :)
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