How many watts does a Playstation 2 use?

I have moved to the Philippines (sad isn't it) and need a converter was originally 120 volts now 220 and i need to know the watts its the fat ps2 version. Don't say Google it cause i found alot of sites with 30-120 watts. no monitor or anything will be hooked up its not overclocked, just the PS2. Any way please tell me the watts required if anyone knows.

Yes this is the wrong section but i cant tell what section it would be under.
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  1. Its actually 220 volts, not watts, and a ps2 will draw the same power from either. You just need an adapter.
  2. Yeah lol thats what i meant need a converter to convert it from 120 volts to 220 volts. but i need to know what wattage it uses. i currently have a 15 watt converter and i know that wont work. what is the watts required by the ps2?
  3. As far as I know, the PS2 uses an external 'brick' adapter - find a new, local one: problem solved.
  4. Look at the bottom of the box... If you're lucky it's on the sticker :)
  5. ok it uses 79 watts found that out. thanks hope i can find that cord here.
  6. Just for reference, I believe the slimmer PS2 uses about 48 watts max
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