When I click a letter on the keyboard another letter comes on

when I click a letter on the keyboard another letter appears, why?
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  1. Either faulty hardware of the wrong keyboard map.
  2. can you give an example? also are you sure no one has been playing and swapped letters round on the keyboard??
  3. Hmm.. that has happened to me before, but I can't remember how I fixed it.. D=
    I think it was a button I accidentally pressed on the keyboard.
    I don't .. think.. keyboard have any kind of memory.. so unplug the keyboard and plug it back in.. any locks or weird function keys you might have pressed would probably reset.

    Good luck. =\
  4. oh yeah also sometimes keyboards (like laptops) that don't have a numpad will have a numlock key that makes some keys numbers and shifts others around, if i recall correctly..
  5. Does it happen in safe mode?

    If no, download malwarebytes, install, update, and do a full system scan.
  6. Keyboard Gibberish? Helpful tip & Why I Consider the Reboot Technological Surrender.
    This prob. should be looked at more thoroughly because I've suffered from it for a few years through 4 or 5 different PC's with different keyboards both serial and USB . You're typing and suddenly notice everything you type comes up as gibberish for no apparent reason! I've had this happen many, many times but no one can explain why or give me a permanent solution. Rebooting is never a permanent solution.
    Here's my (hopefully) helpful tip so you don't have to lose what you've typed before your keyboard went to the bizarro-world.
    Since I haven't found any one who knows why this occurs I can only tell you what works for me. So please keep that in mind along with the fact that the only reason I'm typing all of this is because I want to help somebody that also has this problem.
    First, try the NUMLOCK key occasionaly this is the problem. If it's still acting crazy, you don't have to lose you work that is legible. Try this:
    Bring up a Notebook or Wordbook page then when you see the blinking cursor try typing & see if it matches your keyboard. If it does, you can finish your letter or whatever you were typing by just typing it on the Notebook or Wordpad page then cut & paste it into the window where you were originally working!
    Unfortunately, the only sure fix I've been able to find is the very boring reboot. I, like most people, despise the reboot.
    In fact, I consider it the equivalent of surrendering to technology. I strongly suspect the person that came up with the concept of rebooting to eliminate a problem probably once had a preintergrated circuit type of device, such as a radio, TV,or maybe even a toaster, that at one time had an intermittent problem (probably due to heat) and it quit working properly so they turned it off. But later, after it sat for awhile and cooled down, they noticed that when turned back on it worked fine!
    At least, until it got hot enough or was left on long enough for the prob. to re occur. Apparently, these people felt they had made some amazing technological discovery if not actually REPAIRED the device just by shutting it down for awhile. I know this first hand because my father, bless his heart, once had this happen to him. And, until his dying day he was convinced and actually took pride in sharing his technological wisdom with an one who would listen. It was only after his death that a repair tech explained to us what I had suspected all along. His analog device would quit working right because of heat. And when it got hot it was very similar to the old Xmas tree lights that would remain lighted up to the point where the small metal strip that was conducting the electricity heated up. Then the heat caused it to bend upward. This movement essentially broke the circuit turning the light off.
    Guess what happens? You know. The bulb cools down, the metal strip cools & returns to it's original shape and this causes the current to again flow which lights the bulb and the heat from the glowing filament assures the process to repeat until actual circuit failure.
    I damn near kissed the man. I'd been trying to convince the family that this theory of my had merit, but competing against the family matriarch in the early 60's wasn't easy or popular.. Thank goodness things are different now. But, are they?
    If our answer to technological issues is rebooting, perhaps we haven't ALL progressede as far as we should if most of us consider the reboot a"fix.
    So that''s why I consider the reboot technological surrender. I've never seen a reboot FIX a problem. Oh it may go away for awhile, but think about it. How many things have YOU seen repaired by turning the power off for awhile? This is NOT an analog device people! What's next? Spit in the back & slap it hard on the top?
    Thanks for reading. larob51@yahoo.com
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