using 3200ram on max2700 motherboard?

Notice-i have read memory FAQ and there is line:
DDR-400 modules are capable of running at slower speeds i.e. DDR-333 or DDR-266.
Here is my question:

I have:
asrock GE PRO mb
intel celeron @2,4GHz
256Mb RAM

I bought:
Heatspreder 64MX8 CL3

I just realized in mb manual it says:
2 DDR DIMM slots
support PC1600(DDR200) / PC2100(DDR266) / PC2700(DDR333), Max 2GB

there is no support for 3200!!!

I went to store to buy slower memory and 3200DDR is slowest they have. nothing under that for DDR1.

my question:
is it safe at all to try put that 3200 RAM in mb? my friend said I might kill RAM, CPU, HDD or MB if I try to put 3200RAM in MB that supports max 2700.

what to do?
please help!!!
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  1. Your friend is wrong. The voltage setting is the same for pc2700 or pc3200. Most of the time, it should work fine.
  2. As O1ldie says it should run fine at the lower speed.
  3. he says that it is because of CL3...
    that i should use only CL2,5 memory in my case. but he couldn't explain to me why...


    thanks a lot
  4. your friend is BSing you...i can't see why a cas latency would "kill your mobo, cpu,etc..." i wouldn't take advice from him anymore.. :ange:

    btw you should be fine..just pop it in
  5. Most of the time the memory automatically run at maximum mobo speed so if it's 333 it willl run at 333 no problem (same for the latency). I already tried and it worked flawlessly.
  6. its in :)
    and it works...
    now i have around 1.2gigs of ram (rest goes on onboard video card :( )

    thanks a lot to you all
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