P35-DS3P and an e6850 oc help

hey guys im fairly noob at overclocking, did a bit with my p4 but just purchased my new rig and need some help here are the specs:
Corsair XMS2 2x1GB sticks 800MHZ
8600gt Gigabyte card 256mb
Ultra 120 Extreme Cooler
Seagate 320bg SATA
Coolermaster 120mm fans on heatsink
I played around with the fsb pushed it from 333 to 400 with the multiplier at 9, and set cpu volts at 1.35v but in cpu-z it says the multiplier is 6 running 2400 WHAT THE.. i really need some help with some step-by-step instructions... Im aiming for 3.6ghz++ how far can i push this baby???
Any help would be appreciated soo much thanks in advance
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  1. You probably have Gigabyte's C.I.A. (CPU Intilligence Accelerator) enabled in the BIOS it changes the multiplier when cpu isnt under strain to lower temps etc etc.

    Simply go into the bios then check advanced bios settings section and you should see it there.
  2. Look for "C1E" in the BIOS...this controls the throttling of the CPU.
  3. hey thanks guys for the info i got it at 3.6 but for some reason it seems faster wen running at stock and a usage meter shows my ram constantly at like 34% ne ideas???
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