E6750 & thermal paste/grease/compound

I just purchased the following CPU and cooler:
INTEL Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz

Do I need thermal paste/grease/compound? Will either the CPU or cooler come with some. I know a lot of people recommend Artic Silver 5 - but some reviews at newegg talk about it increasing the CPU temp. Is there a better thermal paste? Is there a trick to applying it? I'm concerned because the newegg product does not come with any instructions and this will be my first build.

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  1. The retail cpu will come with a cooler with some thermal material pre-applied. I don't know about the coolermaster cooler. In any case, it would be best to order a small tube of thermal interface material. AS-5 is good, shin-etsu-X23 may be a bit better, but is harder to find. Either will be better than what is supplied with the cooler. On how to apply it, go to the arctic silver site where they have a nice pictured tutorial. It should cost less than $10, and it is nice to have it in hand in case you should need to re-do it. A small tube should last for a dozen applications. If there is any trick, it is in getting the right amount on. Too much is no good, not enough is no good either. It only takes a dollop about the size of a grain of rice. The other thing to do is to verify that the CPU and the heat sink are both flat. If they are not(uncommon), the parts will not mate well, and some lapping would be necessary.
    ---good luck---
  2. Just use the paste that came with the coolermaster heatsink.
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