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I there any SPYWARE FREE, open source alternative to an Adobe Flash add on to Firefox ? Gnosh is complicated and there are no exe files. I pay for my internet service and do not want to be spied upon. The Adobe Flash is an easy entry to spyware, and is a spyware in itself. No one gives anything for free these days !!
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  1. If u update to new versions, and use decent firewall like Comodo, u really minimize the risk.

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  2. Your fear of Flash is rather unjustified. There are significantly more security threats cause by Javascript, HTML and Java. Take a look at the Microsoft security reports for more details. Flash itself cannot write to the file system so no spyware can be installed on your machine with it directly. Perhaps indirectly through causing the browser to enter an insecure state. However the latest versions of Firefox already take precautions with the plugin crashing or becoming unresponsive.

    Having a decent security setup on your PC is a key line of defence. As nikorr has stated, Comodo Firewall will help you. If you are seriously concerned about Flash and browser security you should consider running the browser in a Sandbox environment using something like Sandboxie.

    It doesn't matter that you pay for your internet. The fact is that any communication device is able to be spied upon. You're responsible for securing your own machine.
  3. Flash is spyware? Proof please.
    Adobe products to have a lot of security holes, that I would agree with, but they also update them often. Sometimes daily for a week, I have had questions about constant "Update is available" pop-ups for Flash and Reader, bit annoying.

    You can disable flash if you want, and just visit sites that use HTML5 or Silverlight.
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