What is happening with my graphics card?

I guess the simple answer is that it is dying so no one needs to reply with that info, but if anyone has any insight or has seen these glitches before I would like to know about it. I've been using an AGP 256mb PNY Verto Nvidia FX5700VE ( yes, VE) for 2.5 years. Yesterday I come home to find my screensaver froze on the monitor and the PC does not respond to mouse and keyboard. After hard reboot everything seems okay, that is until I play a DVD or Video clip. Video might play for 3 - 10 seconds before Screen Freeze and computer lock ( when playing video in full screen mode ) or BSOD ( Video Playing in a window ) . BSOD states cryptic info, ie: windows shut down to protect pc, have you installed new hardware? check bios, try a different video adapter. + long error code.

After trying DVDs, I tried Xvid files and still crashed. I uninstalled card and deleted all drivers and reinstalled with latest drivers. No fix. Finally installed an old crappy ati radeon 64mb 7000 4xagp card. That fixed the issue.

The PNY card did not look or smell burnt, heat sink fan a little dusty but that is all.

So, the questions: why crash with overlay video only? Is there any chance for this card to be revived (he asked without expectations). Is there a module on the card body that handles video overlay? Is it possible to flash a video card with firmware or bios update and might that be a fix?

The system I pulled the card from is a temporary set up waiting for $ to upgrade. Currently a E6300 on an ECS board 1.5 gb DDR PC3200 + AGP. When $ graces my life the plan is a new intel chipset mobo with OC capability, DDR2 memory and a new PCI express graphics card. Problem is I don't have the cash yet. So I'm stuck with this radeon or dread upon dread the crappy onboard via graphics. So I'm hoping someone replies with a quick fix or that after cleaning and reinstalling the FX5700VE card that it will behave.

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  1. The truth is the card is probably dying, but you might be inluck. Either check the box it came in or online to see if it has a 3 year or lifetime warrenty. My AIW 9600xt broke about 6 months ago after 2 years of hard work, but all I had to do was contact ATI to get a replacement card because of the lifetime warrenty. If you're in luck you might be able to do the same.
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