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I've decided to build my own desktop as my laptop isn't reliable enough for me to trust it during another year of school. I've already purchased an Antec p180, Corsair HX620, and a 22 inch acer monitor (these were on sale last weekend, so I started picking up parts). However, I could use some help from those more knowledgeable from me to finish off the list of parts.

This will be used for light gaming, I have Farcry laying around and Sims 2, occasionally I'll pick up a game, thats usually slightly older. Mostly I'll be using it for school work, a lot of multitasking, I often have several apps open at once, like photoshop, illustrator, powerpoint, and acrobat. I'm sure the q6600 would aid in this style usage, but I think its still a little high for me. I need to keep this to around 1000 including OS, and shipping tax. Less is better. I'll likely overclock a little but nothing crazy. Basically it seems everyone is overclocking so easily it would be silly not to get at least a small amount of extra performance for free.

Here is what I've picked out.

CPU:Either the Intel E4400 or the E6750 (I'd prefer this)
Video: HIS X1950 Pro 256mb - on sale for 130 after rebate
Motherboard: gigabyte P35 DS3R - this seems to be the most recommended lately
Cooler: Arctic Freezer 7 Pro
HD: one Seagate 7200.10 320gb one Seagate 7200.10 80 gb (for OS and programs)
Cheap Microsoft Keyboard -15 dollars and an MX518 mouse
LG DVD burner
RAM- I'm lost here and this is one area I need a good suggestions (the approved list for this board seems to have very few choices.) So if anyone is using a particular (hopefully reasonablly priced model of RAM) with this board let me know. I figure the amount will depend on the OS.
OS - this is my second question. I have XP pro on my laptop - and it works fine. For the desktop I was thinking either XP pro (probably could get 32 bit as it seems like its not as resource hogging as vista) or Vista business 64 bit in which case I'd want to get a second 2gb set of RAM either now or in a couple months.

Heres my actual newegg Wish List although I won't buy everything there likely (E6750 can be found cheaper elsewhere)
Thanks for any comments or suggestions or help you can give me.
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  1. Anyone have any suggestions for OS or RAM or any parts I should change. I'd really appreciate any suggestions
  2. I, myself, use Vista Business 64-bit and love it. It's the best OS I've used, so I recommend it.

    As for Ram, if you aren't going to overclock later on, I would get some DDR2-667 RAM.


    or if you want DDR2-800:

    Those are going really cheap after the mail in rebate.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't heard too many people that recommend vista so much, so its good to hear I might not be crazy for wanting a 64 bit OS
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