My laptop is not able to connect to WiFi Network after reinstal OS

Hello everyone.
I very much hope that anybody already met such headache problem as I did.
I have two laptops and a wireless network at home. The router is Atheros WAG 200G. Everything was Ok until I had to reinstall windows XP on my Toshiba P35-s609 with Wi-Fi card Linksys AR 500G inside.
After that my laptop cannot connect to my network. It can see a network but after trying to connect a message appears, saying the network is no more in range, pls refresh the list and try again. The other laptop Dell XPS m1330 connects fine, same as My Nokia N95-2 and xBox360.
The worse thing is my Toshiba is able to connect to some public network, but not a home one. I did not change any setting on the router prior to reinstallation. There was no such problem before that.
And I have tryied to install a Win XP system and to recover from a DVD which was provided by a manufacturer. Nothing helps.
EvenI have updated firmware for the router and installed all updates from Microsoft.
I was trying to copy my network settings from one laptop (Win Vista) to another (Win XP) but system says that not all of settings a presented.
I am almost broke my head on that issue. Is there anyone who can help me atleast with direction to go on that?
P.S. Funny thing. I have tried to connect using Ubuntu 08.04 Live CD. It works fine.  But Ubuntu is not for me as my work is in Windows unfortunately.

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. Are you using the Linksys software to connect or the Windows software? Try using whichever one you currently are not and see what happens.
  2. See if you can get newer driver/firmware for the wireless adapter from Linksys.

    Have you run the Windows Networking Setup Wizard ?
  3. Guys, tghanks for all your replyies.
    The rpoblem has solved. I asked a Pro to help me.
    Th eproblem was with IP adress. It was like resetted after reintalling OS. AN became be same as Router IP. It was changed manually, the last three digits.
    And now it is no problem, so far.

    Thanks again! :hello:
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