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Firstly, sorry if this is a really dumb/obvious/repeated question but after a brief look i couldn't find any answers :)

Anyway, my query is... i'm about to add a new 320GB Hitcahi SataII hard-drive to a computer that i built about a year ago. At present the comp is set up on a Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo with 2x160GB HDs in a Raid 0 formation - i connected the two hard-drivs to the Sata1 and Sata3 ports on the motherboard.

Now, my question is really, is it as simple as connecting my new hard-drive (which i plan for data storage) into another sata port on the mobo, powering up the computer and there the hard-drive is all-formated etc... i'm guessing not. So i was wondering if anyone could briefly tell me whether or not installing this hard-drive will interfere with my Raid 0 config (im hoping it will just be added as a new storage drive and ignore the raid 0 array), how i should format the hard-drive and so on...

Thanks for any help whatsoever :) (and again sorry if this is a really dumb question)
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  1. It should work fine. You have to go into Administrative Tools under your control panel to format and initialize the new drive before Windows will be able to use it.
  2. Thanks, googled it a bit more and actually seems really simple.

    I just wanted to be sure it'd leave my current Raid 0 array alone. Really don't want it buggering that up.
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