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I downloaded the new 7.7 drivers and DXDiag is still showing the old drivers 6.14 and the date of 6/26/07. Yet I go on gameshadow (I suck at updates and getting drivers so I figure this would be easy and good for me lol) and it says 7.7 is loaded and the Catalyst is 7.7 drivers up-to-date. Is this a quirk that anyone knows of or am I getting a false update reading.

*Gameshadow finds updates for my games and drivers, alerts me, and sends me the links to get them and update them*
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  1. 6.14.0010.6706 is the actual driver version. 7.7 is the public name for it, which goes by the numbering Year# . Version# so 7.7.
  2. yup, what ape said.

    your fine mate.
  3. Thank guys. (Love the Grape Ape Show :-)
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