I just purchased a wd raptor x hard drive

I bought a wd raptor hard drive and I left the jumper out. I have no idea what the jumper settings do. ssc mode,pm2 nmode, opt 1, and opt 2. What do these settings do? The manual does not explain what these settings do or which is the best. If anyone has a clue please get back to me. Thanks
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  1. The SSC jumper is for enabling/disabling Spread Spectrum Clocking.

    The PM2 jumper is for enabling/disabling power management.

    The Opt1 jumper is for forcing SATA150 operation if you have a chipset or SATA controller that does not support SATA300 operation and fails to properly negotiate the lower speed with the drive. This jumper does not apply to the Raptor because the Raptor does not support SATA300 anyway.

    The Opt2 jumper is only for factory use.
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