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Hi, guys! Right now I'm looking for either Seagate or WD or Maxtor(all SATA) hard drive for about 250GB (since Asus P5B Deluxe does not support IDE hard drive. But it will be based on the reasonable price and quality. What are yours recommendation?

I would really appreciate it.


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  1. I suggest Seagate's ST3320620AS. It's 320gb, perpendicular recording and it's 80 bucks at Newegg. If you get a 250gb sata drive, you're spending only $10 bucks less.
  2. Agree, go with Seagate
  3. If you do enough searching you can usually find a seagate 500gb for around $100
  4. Thank you very much all, I think I'm leaning toward Seagate Brand now...

    Thanks again.

  5. I personally go with Western Digital. However, i do have some seagates and they are good also. I wouldntever go with Maxtor again only ever had issues.

    You say the P5B Deluxe doesnt support PATA? I have had my OS installed on a PATA drive with my P5B Deluxe and it works fine? You just have to make sure the setting in the BIOS is correct for the Jmicron chip.
  6. I've used all the three drives you've mentioned. Maxtor is garbage....All Maxtor drives I've owned have died within 1-3 years. Seagate just bought them out but there are still Maxtor created drives out in the market....so stay away from them..

    Western Digital is indeed a good brand. I've had drives die from them also...About half my drives from WD have died while half are still alive.

    With Seagate..I've never had a dead drive..They also have a longer warranty...5 years compared to WD's 3 years. Seagates are top notch reliability...
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