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Pls help with uploading .html files to a thread

Hi. I wasn't sure where exaclty to post this. I have some saved .html files on my computer that I am trying to either upload or somehow link to in this forum. Any thoughts on how to do this or what program I can use. I have tried using photobucket to upload so that I can just link to them but it does not like .html files. The files are heaven 2.5 benchmark results that I am trying to post in another thread.

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    Yeah photobucket serves images not any file content. If you want to use photobucket then create an image by taking a screenshot of your browser with the html file loaded.

    Otherwise you are going to need web space to serve your html file. If you have a Dropbox account you can just upload the file into the public directory. If you don't well it is free storage but you need to download and install their dropbox application.
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  3. It actually took me about an hour of thinking about it before I came to the same conclusion. I did figure it out by taking a screenshot of the .html and used MS picture manager to paste and save the file.

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