Vista doesn't like my netgear rangemax??

So I just installed Vista Home Premium 64-bit on my computer(clean install) and I've noticed quite a bit of slowdown compared to when I had xp on it. I've spent the last 3 days messing with settings and such. I've turned off auto tuning, turned off that tcp/ipv6 or whatever it is. reset my router and modem. reset the connection on my computer. updated the firmware on my router. turned off the firewall on the router. disabled windows firewall, windows phishing filter, and my virus scanner. and some other random stuff I can't remember. Then I plugged my computer directly into my modem(my computer connects through wires, dad's laptop uses wifi) and the problem went away immediately.

basically what it WAS doing, was when i started a file download, or started playing a game online, the download started off fast like it should.(500-600kb/s average) then the speed steadily dropped to about 150. and when i'd leave it alone for a few hours, or just did other things on the internet, it would eventually drop to about 60ish. browsing the net is also a bit slow. almost reminds me of a 56k at times.

My router is a Netgear Rangemax WPN824, and it says on the box that it's compatable with vista. Is there some setting im missing that causing such a slowdown? for my computer i dont need the router. otherwise i'd just keep the router unplugged. but when my dad is home, he uses the wifi, and i also use the wifi for my wii. so i need to get this fixed. any suggestions?
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  1. assuming you are using a wired connection, right?

    I'd call netgear --- free support, at least the last time I checked. I had a b*tch of a time getting vista to work with a belkin router. They walked me through the check list and now it works great.

    sorry I didn't help much but I thought i'd point out the service.
  2. hey it gives me a step in the right direction, which is better than nothing. thank you, ill try it out tomorrow
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