Disabled Integrated Sound - Now I Can't Boot (Even In Safe Mode)

I tried searching for updates to my sound driver (Integrated on the Intel D975Xbx mobo. RealTek, I believe it was) via the device manager.

Computer crashed.

Rebooted. No sound. Couldn't adjust volume - no driver installed.

Driver still showed up in device manager.

Disabled then re-enabled driver.

Computer crashed.

Can't boot up in normal or safe mode (or last known good configuration).

Normal mode: after bootscreen flashes blue screen with white text for a fraction of a second then reboots.

Safe mode: after list of drivers flashes by, pauses for a second, reboots.


Tried resetting BIOS. Did not work.

Also: when boot normally error is a "problem has been detected etc. etc. etc.

*** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xB84EB380, 0xB84EB07C, 0x8A7B0805)"

not that i believe the numbers mean anything to a human being at a remote location.


I've installed ubuntu and am able to dual-boot into it in case any of you have any ideas of how to fix things from there. =\


Tried disabling audio in BIOS. Didn't help. No change.


And now BIOS is arbitrarily freezing on me...


Any ideas?

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  1. Try booting off your OS disc. Agree to the license (f3 I think). At the next screen, use the R option to repair your install.
  2. Well.. That gets me into the recovery console..
    Not sure what to do from there..
  3. I'm running CHKDSK.
  4. If you're in the recovery console, you used the first R option. Instead, you want to agree to the license and select your partition. Then you'll use the R option to repair your install.

    Here's a decent guide with screenshots.
  5. chkdsk is a helpful utility. A nice switch to run it with is the /r option. It then scans and repairs any inconsistencies it can.
  6. is chkdsk /r the same as this repair function?
  7. Nope, totally seperate.

    The chkdsk /r is a command you can run in the repair/recovery console that you said you were in.

    The windows repair that I linked above is a function of it's own, outside the repair console. The windows repair will scan your install, and restore your windows system files to their original state.
  8. ran the repair function, went to get some lunch, came back to the red bar counting down to restart. computer restarted, prompted me to press any key to boot from disk. i did. i'm now back to "welcome to setup".
  9. Ok, cancel and exit the setup. You don't want to reinstall windows.

    If the repair completed successfully, boot into the BIOS, and change the first boot device to the hard drive. You can remove the OS disc. Save the BIOS changes and exit.

    If the repair worked properly, you should be able to boot into windows.
  10. rebooted again without booting from cd and now i'm at windows installation screen..
    at 'installing windows'.

    "enjoy an all new look"... -.-
  11. got an error message about an audio codec possibly causing problems in my windows installation. asked if i wanted to install it. told it no.
  12. andddd now it's asking for a product key. >.>
  13. Ok, enter your product key. Occasionally it will ask for your key during a repair.
  14. Entered. Will update.
  15. Successfully booted up. Seems to be the same OS. Same programs there etc.
    Appears something attempted to edit the registry upon bootup. Maybe avast or something.

    "Error: Registry editing has been disabled by the administrator."

    Which it hasn't. I'm the administrator.

    Tried uninstalling a problem - as i do that every now and then - and windows crashed and gave me a blue screen telling me it was beginning a physical memory dump.
  16. Dumping physical memory to disk: [rising number, at 33 right now]
  17. Ok, you'll want to find out what is trying to edit your registry. The error should be listed in the event viewer. It will list the name of the program/service that's doing it.

    It maybe a windows service trying to fix the registry from the windows repair. Or it could be some sort of malware.

    Just to be on the safe side, you may want to boot into safe mode with networking, download, install, and update malwarebytes. Then do a full system scan.
  18. By the way, it's normal for OS to look the same. The windows repair will only restore windows files. It doesn't touch your programs or user files.
  19. when i ran chrome i got an error message about corrupt files and a suggestion to run chkdsk - so i'm doing that now (with /r) .. after that's done i'll run malwarebtyes in safe mode and after /that/ i'll boot normally and check event viewer for any inconsistancies.

    I'll update the thread if anyone of consequence happens or I finish, whatever comes first.

    Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate you help.
  20. okay i'm not really sure what i'm looking at in event viewer.. i can't find anything mentioning reg edits.
  21. I'm in safe mode w/ networking and nothing is happening when I try to run malwarebytes setup. =x

    >.< i thought this was just a driver problem thing.. /sigh

    If i try to run the setup as administrator i get the error "The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it." there is no mbam-setup.exe in services (not surprising).
  22. Look for a red X around the time you got the error. It's probably under the system category.
  23. yes - there are a number of them but none of them show the registry error i got or mention the registry at all. Sources include srservice and DCOM. others are there but are a minute+ later (when trying to install malwarebytes?)
  24. Ok, download ccleaner. You can scan and repair your registry with that.

    Have you received the registry error since?
  25. ran all ccleaner registry stuff and fixed all errors, rebooted and it still says registry editing has been disabled by administrator. gonna try malwarebytes again.
  26. for some reason malwarebytes just doesn't want to run...
  27. If you didn't download and install malwarebytes in safe mode, boot into safe mode, and uninstall it.

    If you installed it in safe mode, boot into safe mode with networking. That will allow malwarebytes to receive it's updates.

    If you still can't get it to run, we'll need to try something else.
  28. that's not it.. it wont' install. double clicking the setup file doesn't do anything. no processes start, no errors, nothing.

    ccleaner ran and installed perfectly in the same mode.
  29. Hmm, maybe try downloading it again?

    If it still doesn't work, boot into normal mode, and download Avira.
    This program will only install in normal mode. Once you have it installed, you can boot into safe mode with networking, update it, and do a full system scan.
  30. during avira installation "a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer."

    technical information: ***STOP: 0x0000008E (0x0000005, 0x80538160, 0xB45B66BCl 0x00000000)

    Beginning dump of physical memory.
    Dumping physical memory to disk: XX

    just reboot or wait for it to finish?
  31. it finished
  32. The file or directory C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility

    RUNDLL32.EXE - Bad Image

    The application or DLL C:\WINDOWS\System32\NvMcTray.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.

    This all started from disabling a goddamn audio driver. I've half a mind to reinstall windows..
  33. That may not be a bad idea. It looks like several of your system and registry files are corrupt.

    Or we can tackle each problem, 1 at a time :)
  34. looks like avira may have finished.. rebooting in safe mode to try doing a scan..
  35. Good deal.

    If there is some malware on your system, that is stopping malwarebytes, Avira should get rid of it. Then a good Malwarebytes scan could do some good. That's IF malware is part of the problem.
  36. looks like avira wasn't installed properly.
  37. Error message?
  38. no - nothing happens.
  39. well.. idk.. i think it would actually be faster and easier for me to reinstall. i keep all of my stuff on another hdd.. so it would literally just be reinstall windows and install the programs i'd have lost. *shrugs* i don't any anything else i need to do this weekend - just had exams.
  40. At this point, it's probably the best option.
  41. okaywell.. guess i'll be doing that.
    thanks for the help, though.
    at least i learned a few things. =)

  42. Ya, there's a lot of things you can do to try and fix problems. But sometimes they just don't work.

    Good luck
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