Installing XP

Newly build computor

My problem is that when I load the disc it goes through it stops at "Setup is Copying Files..." and it alwayes freezes there with diffirent file names. For example (Copying: tsbvcap.sys) it changes everytime. It goes some times to 5% max I've gotten with it is 68%.
I've taken out all unessecary things not needed to install OS.

I have been looking around and have disabled usb use in BIOS settings.
Have used diffirent CD's with different types off XP, retail and not.
It detects hard drive/ram and all components I put in.

I have:
ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO (motherboard)
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB (7200RPM / 32MB Cache / SATA II / NCQ)
Samsung Intern SATA DVD±RW 22x - Svart (Dual-Layer) (SH-S223C)
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3,2GHz / 8MB / Socket AM3
Corsair XMS 4096MB DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz (9-9-9-24) (2x2048MB) (TW3X4G1333C9)

Fan Works.

Sometimes it doesnt go all the way to "System is copying Files..." then I just restart and it does.
Could be problem with the DVD-reader, Hard Drive, or the Disc. I also speculate that it could be BIOS but is was last uppdater november 2009 so shouldnt be a problem.

Have been "Patient" as some have told should work. But I have been away and looked and a movie and came back, still frozen.

Any ideas what should be done please respond.
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  1. My guess is that it's the DVD drive.

    Remove all but 1 RAM chip.

    Boot off the OS disc, and use the R option to get into the repair console. The admin password is blank by default, so just hit enter at the prompt. At the command line type
    chkdsk /r
    This will scan for hard drive inconsistencies and repair them if possible.
  2. Ok, did that now.

    It says some information when it was crated and serial number then:
    CHKDSK is checking the volume...
    CHKDSK is performing additional checking or recovery...
    CHKDSK is performing additional checking or recovery...
    CHKDSK is performing additional checking or recovery...
    50% completed...

    And now it took 10 minutes to get to 51%
    Was gonna say that it froze, but not true, just very slow.

    Will repport back if something else comes up.
    Thanks alot btw
  3. It's a thorough scan and repair. It could take a while.
  4. Ok, so it finished.
    Though same problem appears when "System is Copying files..." It just stop on something random and I have to reboot to get out of it. One time it asked me if I wanted to skip a file, never happned before. So some progress.
    Yes only one Ram is in now.
    So we can say that the DVDr is the problem?
    Do I need to get a new one? (They are kinda cheap but dont wanna do it a lot of times untill I find one that works...)
    Any other alternative?
    You can't install XP with USB right? Only with Win7 can you do that.
  5. Yep, it's most likely the DVD drive.

    Not with XP. I believe the USB install support started in Vista.
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