Any new upcomming cards from Nvidia?

I've been searching a lot recently to find out what Nvidia's plan is for releasing new cards. I'm interested in upgrading but I don't want to right now if there is some new ones coming out. Is there any plans to release like a card that has a 512 vram and 256 bit? More less filling in the gap between the 8600 GTS and 8800 GTS. I've heard there maybe would be a 8700 GT or a 8900GT to have this.
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  1. I dunno. Recent rumors point toward NVidia skipping the rest of the G80 series and going right to the G92. That's supposedly happening in December but don't hold your breath.

    You could buy an eVGA card, that way you have the 90 day step-up program in case something new comes out.
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