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I am about to purchase a Dell 2407 LCD monitor but I was wondering if anyone has purchased one other then from Dell. YES i have searched around but I come up with websites I have nor seen or heard anything about before. And I DO NOT want to drop $670 on a website I have no Idea about. I know Dell has them for $674 but i was wondering if I could find it a little cheaper else were from a reliable and guaranteed site. THanks
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  1. I think that Dell has started to sell some things through some retail stores over there.

    In any case, I'd buy one quick, as Dell's new stock is probably going to have to increase in price 20 to 30% in US dollar terms...
  2. The 2407 has been replaced/upgraded to the 2407WFP-HC as of mid-July. The upgraded model is an UltraSharp model identical to the big 27 and 30" monitors.

    The Dell retail price is $679. The older model was being sold for about $20 less during the last week, but as of now the older model is not being listed at all.
  3. buy it directly from dell because they always drop the prices of their monitors big time like i got my 30 incher for just 1500 dollars(it even dropped to 1100 one time).
  4. Thanks everyone for your replys. I think instead of the 2407 I am going to get the Gateway FPD2485W. The local Best Buy has it in stock and the BB credit card has a lot better interest rate then the Dell card too. Has anyone heard anything about the Gateway? Every review shows its performance to be almost the same as the Dell Minus it doesn't have HDMI but I would never use that on my computer display.
  5. don't know if you care to consider ebay I got mine from there a couple of months ago for $540 came with standard dell warranty.
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