What is the maximum memory WinXP 32-bit can support?

I have 4gb RAM and a video card with 1gb , OS is WinXP 32-bit. Prior to installation, I figure that WinXP can use at most 4gb of RAM, which includes cache on the CPU and other memories on the mobo. So if you subtract these and the 1gb video ram from the 4gb max, I should get something less than 3gb remaining for the OS.

As it turned out, I have 3.4gb available for Windows, and 1gb for video card. What is going on here? Isn't WinXP's maximum 4gb?
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  1. is your video card using shared memory? if so then it has probably been limited in bios to somewhere in the region of 512MB. if its not shared then the video card memory is not included in the ram count.

    you are right to assume (AFAIK) that windows can only support 4GB RAA but that is purely the System RAM. your video card is a seperate entity entirely.
  2. Thanks, that explains everything. My video card has is own 1g memory, not shared with the system RAM.

    From read from multiple places online that XP can support maximum 4g, including memory ram, that's why I was confused.
  3. Cheers aford10 - never knew that!!
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