Help with my old computer!!

Hi all, I am not sure whether I am in the right place here or not.But I just want to know how to easily speed up my computer because it runs desperately slow. I am running windows Xp which is about two years old. Thanks so much! :wahoo:
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  1. 1. Add RAM.
    2. Reload Windows.
  2. +1 ^

    or you can also try running Ccleaner to clear temp and cache files.

    Remove / uninstall old unwanted programs... free up disk space and running resources.

    If it doesn't improve much you probably have a bit of registry grid lock.

    The sure fire method is Grumpy's advice.
  3. It would help to know the current hardware specs. It's not unheard of for a 2 year old computer to have 2GB+ of RAM. You may not need more.

    You can remove programs from the startup folder. You can edit program options to stop them from starting with windows. You can run msconfig to disable other unwanted services/programs from starting. You can move large files off your desktop and replace them with shortcuts, disk optimization, registry cleaner, defrag, etc...

    Cleaning up system files, registry, programs...etc, is a good start. Reloading windows maybe the best way to get rid of those cobwebs.
  4. It is for sure that every computer will become slow as days by and other kinds of causes. If it is an old computer, if possible, you can try adding an RAM modules, or update graphics card, or purchase a whole new computer package to directly speed up the computer. But you can try the normal tips below to speed it up without any cost.

    1) Uninstall the programs that you don't need.
    2) Delete the files you don’t need
    3) Use the disk clean-up option in Windows to regularly clean up the system junk files.
    4) Turn off System Restore feature.
    5) Use a reliable registry cleaner to clear the windows registry.
    6) Regularly scan the computer for viruses and spyware.
    7) Remember to disable some unneeded startup items.

    You can see more information here: Good luck!
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