Need help finding new motherboard with AGP slot.

Need a new motherboard with AGP slot so I can use ATI Radeon X1600XT. Any suggestions ??
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  1. If you can find an Asrock DualVSTA supports AGP and PCI-e.I wouldn't spend a whole lot on old tech though.AGP is still alive but slowly fading into the sunset.
  2. Have a look at Asus P5PE-VM, built a rig for my son on this board, to use an old X1600Pro, flawless since... Also found Asrock 775I65G, still agp... both use DDR ram, can be found for around 40$...
  3. Thanks. I have been looking at both the AsRock and Asus, but wasn't sure how good they were. I also dont want to spend a lot, so $40 would be perfect.
  4. Do you know what socket you need? AMD or Intel? I assume you have a complete setup sans mobo.

    If you're looking for 939, check out eBay. It's flooded with AGP 939 boards from people who are upgrading to either PCIe, AM2, or Core2's. Like uber said, if you can find one of those Asrock AGP+PCIe boards, that would be a good path to follow. I've been trying to snag one myself on eBay, they usually go for about $50.
  5. Ascendtech has the ecs kv2 lite for $50. I use it in my backup system. The 939 cpus that run with it can be had for around $37 at starmicro or newegg open box. Only problem I had with it was the onboard sound. You have to load the latest driver off ecs website. The driver that came with the board crackles. Latest version fixes it.
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