case width (vis-a-vis thermalright U120X)

i notice that the thermalright U120eXtreme is 160.5 mm tall, and that their website says that "most cases have 200mm" of space... I measured several cases I have lying around and they're all iffy, and definitely not 200mm... my primary system is a Lian-Li PC70 and it is 210mm wide and the pan sits a good 20mm offset from the right side panel and it's a huge case IMO... that bugger (the U120) is gonna be nearly scraping the left side panel.... what in the world kinds of cases are you people using out there that you have 200mm of space??? is my tape stretched out and my dork is really 30 inches long???
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  1. Well, I have a Cooler Master Stacker and it is much larger than most cases (about 230mm wide in fact). I use every bit of space to house my peltier and water cooling loops as well as an Enermax Galaxy PSU (1000w) and all the mods I've done to it.
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