Help for Diablo 2 LoD Please

Im currently using Vista on a Dell laptop, and have decided to play D2 again, this was not much of a problem since i already have the discs, which i Know work, as i have used them before.
Ive installed D2 and it works fine, with the compatability options set.
Ive also tried to install the Expansion, LoD, but when i put the disc in, and press open auto run nothing comes up.
Ive also tried exploring the disc and opening the setup from there, with the compatability modes set, and still nothing comes up.

If anyone could offer anything else i can try that would be Great, as id like to play the damn expansion some time soon!


Lord J C Thyne
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  1. As long winded as it sounds, have you tried installing the software through control panel and selecting the .exe install file from the CD drive? Are you able to pop the CD into another machine just to confirm its not the CD that has the fault?
  2. havent tried that, and frankly would like to break the cd :P

    bought a new one after being too asasperated with the damn thing, downloaded the game from Works perfectly now [x

    Thanks for the reply though.
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