First build -- overheating issue?

my specs are as follows:

ECS PT890T-A mobo
EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS
OCZ 2ghz memory

Ulta X-Blaster case
Thermaltake 775 CPU fan
2x Thermaltake smart case fans
Arctic Silver 5 paste

the room which the computer is in sits at about 80-85 degrees throughout day

I went through all the precautions to prevent overheating while putting it together, yet according to coretemp 0.95 my cores are running at 48c and 47c idle. T-Junction is at 100c.

what is going on?
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  1. Have you checked your heat sink is seated properly?

    T-Junction is always ~15 degrees C higher than T-Case

    And whats your room temp in celcius.
  2. forgot to mention the Corsair 520w PSU and windows 2000 if it helps at all.

    I am 100% positive my heatsink and fan is placed correctly and working. the room ranges from 27-29c

    my case also has an air duct built into it that feeds fresh (albeit 27c) warm air to the CPU. from what I've read on various forums, people seem to have much lower idle temps with the stock HSF. it is very concerning. :(
  3. If you dont overclock I wouldnt worry about.

    If you want to overclock then lap your CPU.
  4. this rig is freshly built. only two days old.

    it seems to reboot when under load, which is puzzling considering all the cooling measures I put into it.

    I am not good at computer slang, but could you explain what it means to "lap"?
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