Keyboard not working properly windows vista home edition

a small amount of liquid was spilt over keyboard on my samsung lap top(NPR20Y model)some key are working other not,have tried drying gently with hair drier on low setting,is there a way to log in without keyboard,as the keys not working are some of the letters needed to log in? many thx DEGSY
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  1. Check out this site. It will give you some helpful tips on how to clean up your spill properly!

    If that doesn't help, and you want to keep your laptop, you may have to buy a keyboard that can plug into your laptop. But I hope the cleanup site helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
  2. Don't know if this works in Vista, but for Windows 7 you can click the "Ease of access" icon (bottom left-hand corner of log on screen) and select "On screen keyboard".
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