Horizontal lines during bootup - Nvidia drivers not loading!

Hi all

Recently windows xp has been booting up with horizontal lines appearing on both my monitors. The lines and general distortion appear throughout the booting process and continue once windows is loaded. Meaning the distortion is even visable in the bios!

I've owned this 8800 GT for over a year now without problems and have tried nearly everything to solve the problem. Including:

uninstalling, reinstalling many different nvidia drivers from last year up to the present drivers.
system restore (worked first time, then lines and distortion reapeared.) now system restore wont even work - always states that its incomplete.
Ran uph clean and NETREGOPT as before this all started I was getting the following mesage:

I checked out a few forums and Nvidia drivers were mentioned as a possible culprit. ConsequentlyI realised my config folder was 136mb and after running uph clean and NETREGOPT the folder had stayed exactly the same size!!!!

The strange thing is that occasionally it boots without problem - then when I reboot the problems reappear.
It seems that when I have the dreaded distortion the nvidia drivers are not loading at all and the resolution sits at 800x600

All other programs and drivers are working fine - I just cant see them very well as the screen tears when I use th scroll button!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A reinstall of windows is really not an option - I am a designer and it would take forever to reinstall all the programs and drivers I currently use.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. I have also tried to use an old PCI graphics card with the same results. So at least it doesnt appear to be a problem with my Nvidia card. It must be something to do with Windows.

    Going out of my mind!!! Please help!!!
  2. If the distortion shows before windows starts, then it is probably not windows problem. here are some suggestions to test:

    The connection from the monitor to the card could be faulty (or the monitor itself):
    Solution: Plug the monitor into a computer that doesn't have this problem, If it works, it is another problem with the computer, if it doesn't work, switch the cable with one that you know is good, if it works now, replace the cable.

    If there is a lot of electrical noise (interference that can affect electronic devices) find out where it may be coming from and either turn off the device that is making it or find equipment to shield your station. (you can also try moving to another room/area in the room)

    Try a repair installation of windows xp.

    The BIOS settings could be corrupt
    Solution: Reset to the defaults.

    Try these suggestions to see if they work; if not, I can look up more solutions.
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