need help with pwr sw/reset sw/hdd led in antec 900

Hey everyone. im really nervous i started putting all my parts together for my first ever custom pc build. I can't seem to find the right place where to put in the pwr sw/reset sw/hdd led into my mobo. Here are my specs:
Antec 900
p965-ds3 3.3
2gb ddr2 800
500gb hd sata
2x dvd burners
ocz silent x stream 600w
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  1. There should be set of raised pins on your mobo. If you haven't already read the manual that comes with your mobo as it varies from board to board.
  2. EDIT: sorry over looked a small detail. but ive got it now.
  3. Ahh, that would be a problem.

    Alright. The pins you are looking for are on the edge of your board located next to the IDE cable port. Hers is a picture, they are on the bottom left.

    There might be labeling as to which color is for what function actually written on the board, so that should help. Otherwise i can tell you that the group of four pins is probably for the internal speaker.
  4. pg. 25 is pretty clear....
  5. Thanks, but yeah I overlooked pg. 25. Well maybe this'll help out some other chump. Does the way I insert them matter? Obviously in the right two pins but what if its backwards is that ok? I'm not sure which way to plug it in.
  6. Check out what this guy did with his 900...pretty amazing
  7. Your motherboard manual should show you the front panel connectors that you mentioned. There should be a diagram. If you look closely you might see some plus signs(+) on the diagram. If you look closely at the connectors themselves you will see a tiny triangle on one side. that is the plus side or positive side of the connector. If someone finds this information incorrect please correct me.
  8. fferree is right - I put mine together last night and found the little arrows to be the +. The diagram in the mobo's manual should show which pin is the + on the front panel connector pins.
  9. Please Help ME... I am stuck with this problem as well. I have tried them all the prongs inside and out and my system does not turn on at all... PLEASE help me
  10. Does anyone else smell rotten flesh?
  11. The polarity of the switches do not matter. The white wire of the drive LED goes on the negative ("-") terminal.
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