I need help with specs needed for CAD programs

my older brother says he has the opportunity to buy a lathe (first i thought he meant his pre war lathe :o ) he can easily modify so it can be controlled via motors/servos/whatever they are :whistle: and he has asked me to build him a cheap pc that can controll it (something like that he got the idea from someone from royces where he works making jet engines :sol: apparently a computer can controll said lathe via something to do with printers or something... i can ask him if i am being a little too vague on the detials)

i have no idea what program he is going to use (i dont even know if hes going to buy the lathe tbh) he might end up leaving it to me to sort out :(

could anyone tell me of an ok free cad program (if they exist? knowing the size of the open source community someone has to have made one) that runs on linux (preferably helena (linux mint 8) i like that release) and what sort of specs i would need to run it i did think a cheap build would do but im wanting to make sure just in case :whistle:
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  1. Hello friends,

    CAD or computer aided design software is quite necessary today. You may think that CAD software is only used by professionals, but you may have used it without even knowing. Simply speaking, CAD software is any software that allows you to design objects using a computer. If the software allows you to draw objects and animations that can be considered CAD software.

    If you are looking for CAD software to use, you might try one from this top ten list of CAD software.

    Best regards
    Tony Marcou
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