8800 gts 640mb or 2900xt?

I know were alot of these made already but I would like to know which is better concerning temps and the amount of "power" you get out of each card.

disregard price, sli,crossfire, etc.

Im going with a single card setup anyway. So...

simply two cards compared in hardware which is better say like in 1900x1600 and a high graphics game?
and how about even higher resolutions?
and which has better drivers?
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  1. Some games favor the HD2900XT (Oblivion, Rainbow 6:Vegas, Quake 4)

    Other games favor the 8800GTS. (Lost Planet, Supreme Commander, Neverwinter nights2)

    The XT takes a bigger performance hit with AA enabled, although this has improved with driver revisions.

    From what I've read, ATI has better drivers in Vista but I have no experience with that OS.
  2. So does the xt support AA now?
  3. confusiont said:
    So does the xt support AA now?

    It never didn't support AA, it just performs worse with it enabled in comparison to it's 8800 series counterpart.
  4. th eone in my sig owns- best card I've ever had I think. Under proper cooling mine has surpassed ultra---- 683/2000-----
  5. basically the two cards are very similar and so you might as well put on a blindfold and point
  6. Since price isn't an issue I'd say get the G80, since it doesn't use as much power from your system.
  7. 2900xt all the way.

    I LOVE my 7800gxt but if i was to upgrade it would be to the 2900xt

    Overall better built for the monster games about to be released.
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