8800 GTX sufficient for this setup?

hey guys,

my current rig is as follows:

Dell 30inch LCD
Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 3.2 Ghz
2GB DDR2 800
7950 GT 512MB
Gigabyte 965 DS3 board

My problem is i cannot play most games even close to native resolution of my LCD which is 2560x1600. NFS carbon im stuck at a pathetic 1024x768 to get a smooth rate. However certain games i can push 1920xsomething or 1600x1200 etc.

I was looking @ possible upgrades for my gpu as the nextgen games such as Crysis are coming out in Q4 this year. But im concerned that i'll be stuck in the same situation i'm in now with having to stick to a measly 1024x768 resolution after my upgrade.

So finally to my question, are there ANY benches floating on the net about 8800GTX performance in Crysis? This card will cost me USD 770 in my country so its a huge investment, it'll suck if i upgrade now and its outdated in 2 months :( :( :(

I'll appreciate any Info / Advice / Comments / or even RANTS ;)
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  1. I don't think there are any REAL ones...

    I checked B4, but didn't find anything that looked true.
  2. 2560x1600, wow, that is a massive resolution. You are one of very few people I would actually recommend getting 8800GTX in SLI. Although I am assuming that will prolly be out of your budget by reading your post. If I were you I would try to hold of on a video card purchase till ATI and Nvidia come out with their second generation of DX10 cards if you want it for Crysis, from what I have read the 8800's and 2900's aren't gunna be all that spectacular at doing DX10.
  3. thanks for your input Spikke, yeah now im regretting getting this 30inch, i shouldve just stuck to a 24", SLI is out coz ill need to change my mobo and the 680sli's are very expensive in my country. Guess i'll play the waiting game for a while...
  4. Lol, when I read the title I had half a mind to fire of a reply that said, "Exactly what card will you get if the 8800GTX ISN'T sufficient?"

    But, taking the context of your post, I would say wait and see exactly how well Crysis performs on an 8800GTX before buying it. Hopefully it will be well-coded and run fine even on older hardware.
  5. IMHO even 8800gtx in sli wont be enough for crysis at anywhere near ur max rez.
    U can always try one, but even for my 14x10 monitor and 8800gts, i'll be waiting for the 9xxx cards to upgrade.
  6. yeah even a 8800gtx in sli may not suffice for 2560x1600 res
  7. depends on games, i know in some games my 2x2900xts are sufficient for my 30" dell but other times they suck ***, personally, if i wasn't a tech junkie i would have waited to Q1 2008 to upgrade my video cards, and since you aren't i would suggest you do that.
  8. so the general notion is to wait i guess, too bad the release info for the 9xxx series is at the best sketchy and all rumours. however, if they are for real, looks like nvidia might release something in Dec (fingers crossed)... i'm probably gonna have to get a friend of mine to get one and ship it to me from state-side though as it wont come to my lil island for a few months later lol ...
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