I just got my new mobo, 4CoreDual-VSTA

This mobo supports SATA Raid but unfortunately I don't own any SATA disks, so I was wondering if I can use the RAID function on two IDE disks instead? and, would it matter than one is a 10GB and the other is 30GB?

May be a stupid question, but I'm a "storage" n00b. (eager to learn though) :)
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  1. First question, since it implicitly says RAID on the SATA and not on the IDE I'd say no. What does the documentation that came with the board say? RTFM!

    The size depends on what "type" of RAID you are setting up. If you go for RAID 0 the size would be 10Gb + 10GB giving you a single 20Gb disk - I don't know if the other 20Gb of the 30Gb drive would be available <---- depends on the RAID controller. Going for RAID 1 would result in a 10Gb partition 10Gb/10Gb and once again I can't answer what would happen to the remaining 20Gb.

    The only other kind of RAID you could setup is JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks), the RAID controller will add all your disks together and present one disk to the operating system.

    The rule of thumb with RAID is the size of the smallest disk. You should always try to have the same make and model of drives in your RAID array.
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