SATA RAID controller on PCI-X 100 MHz/64-bit bus


In our company we are considerating the purchease of an SATA RAID controller (probably 3ware 9550SX-4LP with the BBU) as an upgrade for some server that will be running VMware Server (free not ESX). It would be configured with 4 drives, 3 in RAID5 and 1 as Single drive (all of them 500 GB WD5000YS) for guest operating systems (host OS system will be running on separate RAID1 field).

The motherborad that this controller will be attached at, is an older one and has four PCI-X 100 MHz/64-bit slots (no PCI-X 133 MHz or PCIe).

Question: Will the limit of 100 MHz at PCI-X bus on motherboard (RAID controller supports 133 MHz) affect the performance (write/read performance) of our hard disk configuration?


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Marko Kobal
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  1. Yes, but not that you'd notice.
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