Running 1080p videos on non-full HD monitors

Not quite sure where to put this thread on, but under Apps>Multimedia seems to be exact.

I've noticed this problem for sometime now, that playing full HD videos (1920x1080 resolution ) on my 1600x900 monitor generates grainy graphics, by any chance a video player or plugin is available to tune them to my res, or soften the video?

I wouldn't want to convert the video since it would take loads of time considering i have more than 50 full HD videos.

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  1. Try another video player to see if it scales softer.
  2. Which would be recommended then?
  3. You could try VLC
  4. I know what he is talking about and VLC won't fix the issue...
  5. I use VLC on my laptop at 1440x900, and 1080 HD videos looks great. . .
  6. So?? What then....Xp
  7. Did you try VLC?
  8. Try KM Player .
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