Damsel In Distress: XP SP3 Issue With M-Audio KeyRig49 Controller?

Hi -- I'm having a heck of a time getting my M-Audio KeyRig49 controller to work, and I'm wondering if it might be an issue with XP, and would be grateful for any advice. Here's my system info and what has transpired so far:

I have a PC running Windows XP SP3, which meets min requirements for the hardware/software. I have an older soundcard, pretty basic, and it is working (I hear sound when playing MP3's, videos, etc). I do not have an interface yet, but will be getting a Lexicon Lambda soon (hopefully this will work with my system?).

I hooked up the keyboard to the USB 2.0 slot. Loaded Ableton Live Lite 6 (came with the controller), loaded the KeyRig drivers and the KeyRig soft instrument interface that came with it. Registered my number successfully. Got message in regard to the KeyRig software, that said:

"no ASIO drivers found. this software requires an ASIO driver in order to function."

OK.....so I discovered a workaround for that issue, "ASIO4all" and downloaded and installed that on my system. Re-started computer. ASIO was showing up in the softare now, but still no sound.

Posted to M-Audio site, and got a response from tech support suggesting the following:

"Install the Key Rig updater and you will be able to use the built-in sound card on your computer: http://forums.m-audio.com/showthread.php?12476 "

So, I did that.....and still no sound. I then uninstalled the ASIO4all in case there was a conflict, re-started. Nothing. So, I uninstalled and re-installed the drivers, keyrig software, and the updater, re-started. Still nothing.

I messed around with the various options in the settings window for the keyrig software. No sound. Tried plugging into different USB slots. Nothing. Checked to make sure the controller was showing up in my audio devices file...yep, there.

Am I missing something? I'm going mad here! Any ideas? A setting I'm not thinking of? Need a different soundcard? Anything?

Thanks so much for any advice you may have! :-)

"One Very Frustrated Gal"
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  1. Did you select your device for MIDI output in the control panel/sounds?
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