Intel ICH9R vs Gigabyte SATA RAID Driver

Hello everyone,

I am about to install 2 raptors in a RAID-0 configuration and I was wondering whether I should use the Intel or Gigabyte RAID drivers. I know that the Intel ones will provide more compatibility for future upgrades and that apparently bypasses the PCI bus. However, I have also read on these forums that a RAID add-on card is far superior for RAID setups and I was wondering if the onboard Gigabyte RAID Controller provides the same benefits as a standalone RAID card. The motherboard about to be operated on is the Gigabyte P35 DS3P. I had a look through a lots of the posts on this forum and others but cannot seem to find the answer.

Any comments would be much appreciated.
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  1. You're only hearing half the story. Most RAID controllers are "Software" based, meaning they use the CPU for processing. That includes most add-in RAID controller cards, as well as chipset-integrated controllers and motherboard add-in controllers. Of the "software" controllers, Intel is pretty good.

    The cards you're thinking of are hardware RAID cards, which typically include a chip similar to your JMIcron (Giga-RAID or whatever it's called) interface chip plus a RISK processor. They're expensive, the RISK processor takes up space, and you won't find such a solution on a consumer-level motherboard.
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