Sudden hiss from mobo speaker jack.

Hi there.

I've got an Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard in a homebuilt system, and I've been using it's built in nForce4 sound since I got it about two years ago. When I first got it, I noticed the front headphone jack had a slight hiss to it, so I opted to use the back speaker jack, which is directly on the motherboard, instead. This jack was completely silent, with no hiss or hum whatsoever. It's been that was for about 10 months.

... Until today. I turned my computer on, and put my headphones on, and as soon as I got into windows, it started hissing through my headphones. It's actually pretty loud, and very annoying. The first thing I tried was different headphones, but they spewed out the same hiss. I've tried the other jacks in the back, and none of them have a hiss at all, though there may be no voltage across these jacks.

I though the front jack was a defect with the cabling between the motherboard and front jack. For my back speaker jack to suddenly hiss out of nowhere is a little strange.

The one potential cause for the problem, that I can think of, is last night someone accidentally kicked out the power cable from the back of the computer while it was running. In my experience with computers, there aren't very many coincidences, so this may have shorted out something by that speaker jack. It doesn't seem likely that it would work at all after that though. Also, keep in mind it hisses ONLY when I'm into Windows. Not at all during the startup process/bios.

So my two big questions:
1) Is there a way to fix this?
2) Is there a way to use another jack (subwoofer or rear speaker) as a regular speaker jack?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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  1. Update: Problem Solved
    It turns out it was a driver issue. The nVidia nForce audio drivers were the source of the problem. I uninstalled them and replaced them with the Realtek drivers. It completely solved all my audio issues: my front and rear jack are completely hiss-free.

    Also, the sound is a lot better. The nVidia drivers sounded a little muddy when playing music. I've played a few of my favorite songs, and they sound noticeably better and full. I'd recommend anyone who is using the nForce drivers give the Realtek drivers a chance, as they may improve your audio quality.
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