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Disc Boot Failure... torrented Windows 7 original Vista

Heres a back-story on the events that led up to this problem. I torrented windows 7 and all went well for several months until earlier today when i was cleaning out my "downloads' folder clearing room on my hard drive. Apparently I deleted the loader for the windows 7 OS and I get the Disc Boot Failure now when I try to turn on my computer. I have the option on the boot screen pressing F12/F3 to load off a disc, hard drive or a USB. I have some ideas as to how to fix the problem but I am unsure of any, if you could give me some import or give me ideas of your own please do. My computer is 64bit if that is useful.
Below are links to the possible torrent I used to install windows 7.

1.Downloading the same or similar crack on another computer putting it on a flash drive and attempting to boot off that.
2.Buying a Windows Vista disc (my original OS) from gateway for $30 and attempting to load off that.
3.Copying the Windows 7/ Vista folder from a hard drive of a friend, burning that onto a CD/Disc/USB and attempting to boot off that.
4.Burning a copy of a linux OS from a different computer and installing it onto my computer and proceeding to retorrent windows 7.
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    The best way to fix this problem is go out and buy a legal copy of Windows, we do not condone pirating software on this forum and no one is going to give you advice otherwise.
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