How to install Windows XP on p5b vanilla?

Hey guys,

I'm planning on buying a new rig in week or 3-4 but I have one question google won't answer me.

I want to build a Dual Core system on an ASUS p5b, not the deluxe or any other version, just the vanilla one. But since the only IDE port on the board is controlled by the JMicron driver will I be able to install Windows XP? Or can I use the single IDE port for an PATA DVD-drive without installing the JMicron driver? I can always hook up a SATA DVD-Drive for installation but does Windows support this on SP2?

I want to install Windows XP on a SATA hard drive, I know that is possible with the installation disk I am using because I installed XP on a SATA HD once. Does this automatticly mean that I can use SATA optical drives?

I just want to build my rig comfortable :kaola: but if cannot even install windows it wont be of much use..

Well, thanks in advance,

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  1. Never mind this anymore, I'm going to get a P5N-E SLI instead. I mean, a better chipset and SLI for just 105 euro's? Is this a better board than the p5b one?
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