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I want to install Windows XP on a notebook whose internal DVD drive is broken and whose external DVD drive is not bootable from BIOS. Can you start the install process from within an XP computer that is already booted and not have to boot from the CD later in the install process? I don't want to start an install and turn my friend's notebook into a brick. Also, when you start an install from a computer already booted, can you still wipe the hard drive or do you just get another windows directory? My friend's computer is infected and needs a hard drive wipe and I haven't installed this way since 98. Thanks.

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  1. check the following out, hope you have a floppy in the notebook:

    Keep in mind the 2K/XP boot disks will work for most situations, but not if you have a swappable drive bay in a laptop that only accepts either or a floppy/CDROM.

    Install Windows XP without floppy or cd drives:

    Install Windows XP with floppy:

    Here is a link to the M$ XP "Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install" instructions
    and Download:

  2. thanks for these suggestions but i don't have a floppy and i do have an external dvd-rom, its just that i can't boot from the dvd-rom. it would be a lot easier to reinstall windows from within windows, but i just don't know if later in the installation i need to boot from the CD anyway. any thoughts?
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