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I did a search and wasn't successful in finding an answer. I'm about to get the 8800 Ultra but the question is which one to get. I already have an ASUS 7800GTX and I'm very happy with it. No problems at all. Naturally I'm leaning towards the ASUS 8800 Ultra but does anyone else make a better card like XFX or PNY? It seems that everyone buying the 8800 Ultras that are overclocked are having heating issues. The ASUS isn't overclocked and I don't plan to overclock it. The ASUS is also the most expensive card so I want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth if I go with it. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Err, why bother getting an overpriced 8800Ultra? Get an 8800GTX, which will be a whopping 3% slower on average than the Ultra, and save yourself $100.
  2. Yah whs.

    The best 8800Ultra is an 8800GTX

    IMO, dont bother getting an OC version either, get one with a decent warranty, evga and xfx are both top brands, tho my gts (inno3d) hasnt given any dramas.

    The 8800's oc quite well, a gtx can prob reach Ultra levels without a voltage bump.
  3. You already have a good card. Why not just wait a few months and get a g92?'ll be much better then the 8800 gtx...Wasting that much money on a 8800GTX or Ultra this late in this generation of graphics card is a waste. Just wait for g92 which should be around the end of the year. Atleast that way you'll have the best card to play Crysis as'll be released around the same time as crysis..probably a little earlier.
  4. I'm not one to encourage the waiting game but I think at this point, the above poster is correct in saying you should sit this one out and wait for the 9xxx series of cards. You said you're happy with your current card so if it can hold you over until then, you probably should wait.

    If you still wanna get a card now, definitely go for a GTX and overclock it, as others have said it's not worth the premium.
  5. i heard it was a good idea to get the same brand gfx as mobo

    what are your opinions on this?
  6. Guys the 9xxx series won't be around this year.

    Dude, if you got the money and you want to upgrade then go for it -- ASUS ultra looks pretty good - all though, as you have a GTX, you might not get much of a performance boost.

    KIV that their will always be a better card or something due out soon....

    Also KIV that CPUs seem to be ahead of the gaming industry with no one really taking advantage of dual core but GPU industry has a question mark over how current DX10 cards are going to handle DX10 -- the later would appear to be a massive mistake IMO.
  7. I'm curious on why you think the 9xxx series won't be around this year when nvidia itself stated it's planning on a late 2007 release. May I ask where you got your info?

    The g92 is slated to be a 2007 release..with the r700 set to be q1/q2 2008
  8. Like other have said, wait for G92.

    But, for your curiosity, the XFX 8800 ULTRA XXX is the fastest.
  9. it would be pointless to buy an ultra NOW.
  10. Yea that's what I was saying...The g92 is due out this year..Which will be the high end nvidia card and then a few months down the line the mid range. Which imo is the best thing for enthusiasts, to enjoy their graphics card superiority in all its splender for a while. But when it comes to the fact that the 8800 gtx has been out for SEVERAL months now..with the g92 just within a 4-5 month range (probably 4...hopefully out around october or november).It'd just be a waste to nab a 8800 GTX/Ultra now...
  11. I can see lots of speculation about the supposed G92 but nothing from nvidia themselves - do you have a link?
  12. If you're totally hooked on getting an Ultra over a GTX, get the cheapest one you can find.
  13. InteliotInside said:
    Like other have said, wait for G92.

    But, for your curiosity, the XFX 8800 ULTRA XXX is the fastest.

    Sorry beaten by Leadtek's GeForce 8800 Leviathan as reviewed here on Toms,review-2368.html
  14. I haven't seen anything on the G92. I run Flight Sim 2004 on full settings with tons of add-on scenery with no problems but FSX is bringing me down to around 12FPS on the ground. In the air I'm around 30FPS but it sucks trying to taxi, take-off, and land with 12FPS. I want at least 25-30. I also pre-ordered COD 4 which is DX10. The 7800GTX that I have now is only DX9 most of you know. I'm looking to take full advantage of COD 4. Microsoft is also releasing a DX10 patch for FSX this fall. I only buy the best when it comes to computer hardware. If the G92 is as good as you guys say then I'll wait for it.
  15. Nobody knows for sure how well the G92 will perform but you can safely bet it will be better than the 8800 series without being overclocked to within an inch of its life.
  16. But there is nothing concrete about the G92 - the name, the spec AND the release date!

    Its all rumour at the moment -- and all the hardware whores have latched onto this card like its somekind of GOD!

    Proof people - thats what we need!
  17. I have a 8800gts overclock, definitly more power than anything I do can use.

  18. he asked the best version of the ultra... just answer him. it's probably the EVGA 8800 ultra "The Black Pearl"
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