Omnipage pro 17 What scanner ?

Hiya folks
I have been given a copy of Omnipage pro 17.1 and was wondering what type of scanner i could use with it?.
Had a look at the website and they dont seem to have a list of recommended ones to be used with it. As the
software didnt cost me anything i can spend a bit on the scanner, seeing that i would be scanning in pdfs and
other A4 documents and maybe pictures from books and magazines.Twain and ISIS drivers were mentioned
on the website and i would prefer quality over el cheapos as i want it to last longer then a year :lol:
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  1. Yep i forgot to mention that this is legit software , never installed and not copied !!
    so if the software cops are out there im innocent.Prices for scanners are crazy for
    the flat bed ones from HP and especially im a little concerned that a lot of the
    scanners they have do not appear to be win7 compliant. I have a xp system currently
    and may install it on that ~ a win 7 basic system in the very near future :D
  2. I like the Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner. You can find it online for about 150.00
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