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How to boot off cd rom on toshiba satellite 5105-s501

trying to install winxp on laptop but this model does not allow you to access bios or boot menu and the os already installed is corrupt
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  1. Press F12 whilst booting. It should give you a boot menu.
  2. tried that tried everything only button that does something is the Esc key and that brings up a command that says "Press [F1] key for default setting."
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    Did you put the CD in the drive first? And press F12 as soon as the "Toshiba" logo appears; that should let you choose which device to boot off.

    Edit: You could also try putting the CD in the drive and holding down the "C" key as you boot - that works on some Toshiba notebooks.
  4. Thanks for your help I figured it out I needed to hold down the [C]key while it was powering on, I know, I never heard of that either but it worked, it is an older model so I am sure that has something to do with it I guess.
  5. Wow I just noticed you were telling me the same thing I was typing what a trip thanks a lot for your help
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  7. Looks like you posted just after my edit! Glad it's now fixed.
  8. This is an old thread, but I'll give it a try because it's the closest I've found to my problem which is not solved by these suggestions. I have a bootable linux live cd that boots fine in my Toshiba Satellite M505D but it won't in my Satellite A105-S1712. I set cd first in the bios boot order and also tried holding down the 'c' key while booting. No joy with either...only boots to the hard drive. The cd drive light comes on when I insert the cd, but the drive is ignored during boot. Thanks and hope someone is still watching. :-)
  9. Mfarns start a new thread and you will get replies
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Mfarns start a new thread and you will get replies

    Ok, thanks.
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