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I just burned a lot of files to a dvd before I re-installed my operating system and verified the files were on the disc, but now when I try to read the dvd it appears to be blank. Can someone pls tell me how I can recover/get to the files on the disc.
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  1. Drive?
    Burning software?
  2. Drive = NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD
    OS = Win XP
    Software = My DVD
    I have a Dell 8300 computer.
  3. Just a thought, but have you tried the DVD in another PC to see if it's just your DVD drive? I know it's a streach, but worth a simple check.
  4. Could it be a driver issue?
    Did you get a Dell resource pack (CD) with the PC, if so have you installed the drivers.
  5. Maybe those DVDs were burnt in UDF2.5 file system and you haven't installed the driver needed on XP yet. XP supports up to UDF2.01 IIRC. BTW there's no software that is your DVD drive.
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