Maximum Hard Drive Temperature?

I am unable to find what the maximum temperature for My HDD's are I have 3 of them listed as under. I am also putting the temp ranges they are reporting using HDD Life Pro and Speed Fan.
1. Seagate ST3320620AS ( 43 C to 50 C one time it has touched 53 C )
2. Seagate ST3160827AS ( 41 C to 48 C one time it has touched 53 C )
3. Seagate ST3120022A ( 51 C to 55 C one time it has touched 59 C )

Now I am doing what I can to cool them down but opening the cabinet and putting extra fan but these values are without fan.
Where can I find what are the maximum temperatures for these HDD's ?
Ask me if you need to know anything more.

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  1. Try the speed fan S.M.A.R.T test, it will show your hdd's temp, average temp of your hdd model, lowest and highest temps of the model too.
  2. Seagate specs almost all there drives @ 60c for a max operating temp.

    So your kind of pushing it my max ever was 49 in my old case.

    2 320's and 2 500's the 2x 250's are not showing due to raid.
    dont trust my fan speed its 850 :) or the voltage...

    Also note that on some cases the drive runs hotter when open as air just comes from the opening and passes the drives....what case do you have? is there an option for a front fan in front of your drives?
  3. I have used Speed Fan as mentioned in the post and I don't think there is a problem in readings.
    I have a normal atx case and it doesn't have fron fan or enough space for it.
    I will check out the list and get back .
  4. I have gone through the list of seagate ( Thanks for that ) and have come to a conclusion that the old PATA IDE 120 GB is the one I should worry about as it is nearing the max temp range. The SATA hdd's are fine as long as the temp stay in the high 40's range...
    Thanks will get back if I find anything new.
  5. nukemaster said:
    dont trust my fan speed
    Are you sure? I was going to ask you if you rig hovered off the floor. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. yeah with 27000 rpm it sure should rise up.........
  7. Should be making ice on the cooler....


    SF Beta

    Soon as they fix the fact that it randomly shows all cores as the temp of core4(core03 when you factor that 0 is 1)

    Just ended a video is not actually that worries till 100 for VGA
  8. Google's findings are that the best temps are between about 35-40 C, with below 30 C increasing the instance of failures a lot.

    See the paper at (temps graph on p6)
    and a summary at

    HD's (including the lubricant in the bearings) is not meant to operate at too cold a temperature so don't go overboard with cooling.

  9. czarousa said:
    I have used Speed Fan as mentioned in the post and I don't think there is a problem in readings.
    I have a normal atx case and it doesn't have fron fan or enough space for it.
    I will check out the list and get back .

    A shame, my HDD runs under 20C quite often, even on a hot day because it has a fan (and a crap one) pulling air over it. Even low speed fans keep hard drives cool, they just need SOME airflow.
  10. Usually 60C is the maximum safe operating temperature for a hard drive (although I haven't checked specifically for these models). So you're sailing quite close to it.
  11. I have purchased a cooler master one (it took me a lot of effort in India ) and unfortunately the front of the case is just wide enough for a 10 mm wide 80 mm fan and the fan I got is fatter for the space.
    Can somebody also suggest to me a good hadware seller site which ships internationally as I am unable to find good supply here...
  12. Hi

    you should try HDData at

    HDData Protects & Saves your Data and your Hard Drives.
    HDData is a small program that is always alert in the background of your Window Computer.
    HDData measures all kind of Hard Drive parameters. If one of these parameters is exceeding a threshold or sensing an SMART error, HDData will warn you, HDData will Act for you. You can control what actions HDData will execute for you when the Hard Drive Temperature reaches a Warning and/or an SMART Alarm setting. You have still time to save your work before the Hard Drive gets overheated and gets irretrievable broken down. You can act before losing everything!

    best regards
  13. I got an infrared thermometer and I get different reading at different points on the hard drive I found some parts at 90 F and one little component I pointed the laser to was 130 F, this was while in one of those toaster things. So were do you measure the temperature? what part of the drive.

    Tom j.
  14. Use the temperature values returned in the SMART data for the drive.
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